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They vary according to time

and period of the year

City walks can be added

to the start or end of another

of our tours after/before a flight

to/from Catalonia

                                                            Driving on the motorway or landing

                                                            at Girona airport does not reveal any

                                                            of the beauty of the old town.

                                                            Strolling along the streets of its medieval

                                                            quarter gives the right approach of

                                                            “Gerunda” built by the Romans on the

                                                            Via Augusta.

                                                            Across its numerous bridges, the beautiful

                                                            houses overlooking the river Onyar unfold

                                                            their amazing array of colours.


Our itinerary follows the narrow cobbled streets lined by century old stone-built

houses of one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in Europe, “El Call”. From the monastery Sant Pere de Galligants and the Arab baths, it climbs the many steps to the impressive gothic/baroque                                                 cathedral and along the original city walls to a lovely shady garden .

                                                The walk ends under the vaulted “Rambla de la Llibertat” where                                                 welcoming terraces of bars and restaurants await you.

                                                MAY FLOWER FESTIVAL

                                                Every year, for 10 days, the city’s historical courtyards and gardens                                                 open their doors to the public. They are gracefully decked out with                                                 artistic and colourful floral arrangements.

The popular “Rambla” has its aficionados but just a step away will reveal the exotic

colours and flavours of Barcelona’s favourite market "La Boqueria".

Passeig de Gracia, the avenue of “eleganza”, shows inalterable examples of Catalan “Modernism” with Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces.

We do not provide visits INSIDE places like “Sagrada Familia”, “Parc Guell” or Picasso Museum

(enough time is left for individual visits), except for 1 SURPRISE ENCHEMIN DISCOVERY!

Capture the unique atmosphere of the city and steer clear

of the average tourist tours!

The aim is to discover some of the major sites telling

the amazing history of the city but also get introduced

to the lesser known areas many people tend to miss.

From Plaza Catalunya, you will amble along the narrow

streets of the Barri Gotic (medieval quarter), with its

outstanding Roman vestiges, the elegant gothic

cathedral, the old Jewish quarter and tiny squares.

Unexpected detours lead you to hidden treasures like

Palau de la Musica” or the up and coming “Born”,

in active process of renovation.


Latin & medieval legacy



History, Modernism & "tapas"


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