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* "CAMI DE LA RETIRADA" (Path of the Retreat)

               1 to 3 days

From Camprodon and Mollo on the Spanish side to

Prats de Mollo crossing the border at col d'Ares

(altitude 1500 m)

Gentle walks across meadows and forests. Sweeping

views over the Canigou ridge and the plain of Roussillon

                                                                        * PATH of WALTER BENJAMIN (Route of Liberty)

                                                                                                1 day

                                                                        Across mountain passes from Banyuls (Vermillion

                                                                        Coast) to Portbou (Costa Brava) the tragic odyssey

                                                                        of the German philosopher on his way to Spain in 1939


                                                                                Individuals from 2 & small groups up to 10

                                                                                           1 day: 35€ to 55€ per person



The route

to exile

of the Cathars across the Pyrenees on their way to Catalonia during the 14th century

See tour details on the page "GRAND ROUTES"

                             CATALAN HERMITAGES                            1day excursion  or

                                    A lively tradition                                                       2 days 1/2 discovery tour

  Perched on hills and summits, chapels or churches - with their inns or refuges -

  were privileged meeting places for travellers and locals during centuries.

  During Franco's dictatureship, Catalans used to walk to these remote sites where they

  could speak their language and preserve their culture.


  In addition to superb panoramas, most of them provide

  accommodation and meals.


  - Sanctuary of Montgrony (Ripoll)         - Mare de Deu del Mont (Beuda)

  - Notre Dame du Coral (Prats de Mollo) - Sanctuary of Cabrera (Rupit)

  - Hermitage of La Salut (Olot)              - Santa Maria de Bellmunt (Vidrà)


  Spanish Civil War / II° World War

  1 day walks or 6 day tour

  ENCHEMIN leads you across the French-Spanish border along

  the routes followed by thousands of refugees trying to escape

  persecution and repression between 1936 and 1945.

Routes of exile

                             & pilgrimage


+33 621 664 215


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